Seoul – A trip to a magical place

Seoul is now a part of me. This is perhaps the best way to describe my brief two-day stay at Seoul, South Korea. It is a city that represents a perfect fusion of modern architecture and natural landscape. Surrounded by mountainous and hilly area, this marvel city we know as Seoul can keep you busy for days with its natural beauty, human-made marvels, fashion and distinguish but delicious food.

Not only I am an explorer but sometimes I also call myself a food lover. And this love of food came out in Seoul and I paid visits to a lot of food markets over there including Namdaemun Market Food Street 24hrs, Noryangjin Fish Market and Gwangjang Market. Well each market has its own uniqueness, which you’ll only learn if you explore them yourself. Seoul is full of talented people and I ran into one of such brilliant coffee house known as Sheep Café.

The remarkable part was devouring octopus sashimi and what’s funny is that they stuck in your mouth and try to hold onto something. It tickles! If you’re ever planning to visit Seoul then don’t forget to eat octopus sashimi. I had different kinds of sashimi and seafood during my stay there, but octopus sashimi stands out for its teste.

Seoul is a great tourist attraction as it is a nation founded 2000 years ago yet it survived all the odds and gives you a trip to the past and a glimpse of the future. There were many sites I wanted to visit, but two days are not enough for a city as great as Seoul. It will take you days to explore the sites I have explored and I managed to do so much in little time because I was always on my toes.

A glimpse of Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a futuristic building, made me realize why this engineering marvel attracts large number of tourists. It has become a fashion hub of the country and must-visit for those who are planning a longer trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go inside and explore the building. I already made a list in advance of the places I wanted to visit and things I desire to do while in Seoul, which allowed me to use time to my advantage. And yes, who can forget the internet sensation Gangnam style. There’s a Gangnam Style statue in Seoul, so it’s kind of hard to ignore the trend and move ahead. So I stopped by, danced the Gangnam, clicked some pictures and then embarked on my never-ending journey.

Finally, I checked out Dongdaemun Market and Goto mall in Seoul just to see what the city has to offer in terms of fashion and they do have variety of clothing styles.

Simply put, South Korea is a wonderful place and two days are not enough.
I will be visiting you soon South Korea.