200 km walk on foot from Riyadh to Al-majma’ah on a 5-day trip.

I started my walk from Riyadh with my 30 kilo backpack and during my travel, I cooked my own food and lived in my own tent.

Walking from one place to another is never easy, especially when you are not fully prepared. I walked around 40 km a day so that I could reach the final destination as soon as possible. While I was walking, there were many places where I walked for hours entirely alone as the roads were completely dead, and it was almost impossible for me to reach the next destination, but I didn’t lose my hope and kept on walking and at last, after five days reached the set destination.

Another amazing experience during my walk to Al-majma’ah was that I stopped for a few hours to do an inspirational speech in front of middle and high school kids. After finishing the speech, I stayed there for some time to have a Q/A session as well. So, all in all, it was an unforgettable experience talking to the future leaders of this country and trying to have a positive impact on them.

Along my walk I have meet a lot of people who only had been extremely generous, and their hospitality is something that genuinely won my heart. They did not only welcome me to have water, lunch and dinner but also offered me their houses to stay with them.

So, if traveling is your passion and you are planning to do something new then I would definitely recommend walking on foot with a backpack for a long destination.