There’s a first time for everything in Palau

If you guys have been following my blogs, I am an explorer. I don’t tend to stay in one place for long. And this nature of mind took me to Palau. It is a place that mesmerizes you with its beauty and captivates you with its charm. But my restless soul never settles anywhere. For me, wandering from one place to another and exploring new places is living. But if there is any place on earth where an explorer like me can settle, Palau will surely be among the list.

My stay at Palau was of 7 days, off which I spent 3 days getting my Open Water Certificate. Usually, it takes 4 days for people to get an open water certificate, but I got mine in 3 days; since I have done scuba diving before a couple of times and you can gauge my love and passion for it by the simple fact that I had my wedding ceremony in the Maldives while scuba diving – truly lovely. After getting the certificate, I did my first open water, 18 meters give or take. Inside the water, witnessing the marvelous and unique aquatic life of Palau was like a dream.

Palau has one of the best diving sites in the world, this is what I have heard before visiting the region and I found it completely true. The diving sites are impressive and the marine life is wonderful. In Palau, whatever you do, everything is quite overwhelming. I dived into the sea and for the first time in my life swam with the sharks. Sharks are wonderful creatures, at first looking at them would bring back all the shark movies you ever saw, but when you swim alongside them you realize that this creature is lovely and only acts as per its nature. I wouldn’t deny that it was a scary moment, but it felt amazing. It was exhilarating to be honest.

And you know what’s more amazing than swimming with sharks; it’s swimming with jellyfish. It was a unique, once in a lifetime experience for me – while the common myth has been that the jellyfish lost their ability to sting over time due to their isolation. So swimming with harmless and peaceful jellyfish it just make your stay underwater splendid.

I spent an entire day canoeing in open water, usually, I do canoeing in rivers so it was my first time in open water. On top of that, free diving in exotic locations of Palau took me to a place where I got to see the wreckage of ships destroyed in World War II. Giving you a bit about how those ships got there, Palau was under Japan’s control at the time of the war, so you can say the country did feel the effects of World War II. Especially in an area called German Channel, which was blasted by the Germans to ease boat passage.

Visiting the German Channel is surely an unforgettable experience, especially when Manta rays are a regular visitor of the channel, so it is highly likely you might bump into one. To see the mantas in the channel, you need to have ample time and patience – something, which I didn’t have, as I was just getting started.

The population of Palau is only 22,000 and the little human presence perhaps is the reason why the original beauty of the region is still intact. From the rock islands to witnessing the aquatic life while hooked to the reef, simply at Palau you can do all the things you want. It’s like a paradise for explorers, who enjoy doing diverse things.

When on a journey, you learn a lot of new things. And in Palau, I learned a lot too. In Palau, I flew a drone for the first time. I walked on a rope only for fun for the first time. I saw a turtle in the ocean and swam with it for the first time. Eating fruit bat was also something I did for the first time. In simple words, I visited Palau for the first time and the place made me do a lot of fun and adventurous things for the first time.

So when writing this, I got fixated on the title “there’s a first time for everything in Palau” because this place makes you do things you never would have done in your entire life.

Signing off for now!