Outdoor life in OMAN

Being an explorer, I like to visit new places, discover new things, and go on adventures. So this time my passion took me to Oman and I convinced two of my friends to accompany me. A country blessed with natural beauty, lovely beaches, and a lot of amazing places. We took a trip to Muscat, Oman reached their late night, checked-in to a hotel and slept – all pumped to make the most out of my visit.

I was excited for the trip ahead, but one cannot simply go on an adventure trip on an empty stomach. We opted for a traditional place for breakfast Rozna Restaurant, because I believe that food tells you a lot about a culture, don’t you agree? The food was, I would call different, but it was a good experience and the interior decoration are just fasting.

Before visiting Oman, I got in touch with an adventure agency (Hussak) to inquire about the most difficult trip there is. I like pushing my limits. After the breakfast, we connected with Hussak to embark on a journey to Wadi Umq Bir, the most beautiful desert oasis, which has lovely pools. About three-hour drive from Muscat and then one more hour in the mountains is required to reach the Wadi Umq Bir. We arrived at night time over there; prepared BBQ steaks for dinner; arranged our kit including harness, life jackets, helmets and other gear; and then slept outdoor under an open sky. It was a surreal moment, staring at the stars and enjoying the cool breeze.

The next morning, we woke up at three, started hiking, went to the valley, descended to the pool using ropes, and did a lot of swimming. And I mean A LOT! We jumped in the pools, swam, had a great time over there, and spent great moments that will stay with me forever. We enjoyed a lot for 14 hours straight. That’s the beauty of Wadi Umq Bir.

One member of our group though was a bit tired, which slowed us down for a while. But when you go out as a group, you can’t leave anyone behind plus the night time in Wadi is really difficult. So it took a bit more time to start the hike to the village. Bidding adieu to Wadi Umq Bir, we started hiking in the mountains to reach the village and despite starting late due to our member, ours was the fastest record to reach the village. We had fun. We enjoyed every moment of swimming, hiking, and experiencing the rural life of Oman.

Soon after reaching the village we immediately drove to the beach and spent a night over there. A night on the beach is always relaxing and it was much needed. The next morning, we went to the village, had breakfast while sharing the fun moments of the trip and laughing about them. Choosing Hussak was the a an excellent decision, as they are professional & friendly people who made my adventure trip amazing. After breakfast, we drove back to the city.

Once back in the city, I pushed my friends a bit, so we can explore more what Muscat has to offer. The rest of the day, we explored different areas of the city including the famous Souq Muttrah which is perhaps one of the oldest marketplaces in the Arab world. We passed by malls and then decided to rest at Qurum, a good and relaxing area of the beach.

I am a restless soul, so decided to go on a fishing trip with Al Sansool the next day and convinced my friend to join me. It was a good or perhaps an excellent fishing day. We had 8 or 9 hooks in one automatic fishing rod (though I always prefer a manual one). And we captured a lot of fish including baby sharks. We released three baby sharks and kept one with us to be savored later. Were we took the fishes to a restaurant at the fish market in Muscat, to clean and cook them for us, and it was my first time to eat a babe shark. After satisfying our appetite, we kept on explore the city a bit more before our return trip.

Oman was a nice and lovely experience. Hope to see you soon, Oman!

Now that I am off to a new adventure, you guys should stay tuned for more exciting updates.