The North Pole is the ultimate extreme where a step in any direction leads south.

How It Felt After Traveling to the Top of the World

I believe that for every other explorer it is difficult to describe the visual richness of the soft arctic light, the detail in snow crystals and the beautiful colour transitioning of the ice, which is some of the features of polar travel. Pressure ridges, sastrugi, open leads are all natural features of the Arctic Ocean, and I am lucky enough to experience it all, as I headed north to the top of the world.

Skiing for days across the North Pole aiming to reach 90-degree North while pulling a 45 kilos sledge as not an easy task. Especially, when I only learned how to sky couple of days prior to the expedition in Svalbard, Norway. Imagine how It felt skiing at one of the most hostel environments in the world, not to mention that this territory belongs to the huge polar bears. So at all times I had a flare gun close to me and kept my eyes and ears open even during sleeping time, just to keep myself safe from the huge polar bears.

During the second day I had frostbites in many of my fingers and four fingers kept on getting worse every day. To prevent them from reaching to appoint were I will lose my fingers, I had to keep them warm, which means never taking my gloves off and use the hand warmers at all time. I have used the hand warmers directly to my skin but it is not advisable to have them attached directly to the skin (sometimes we do what we do to survive). It was really difficult dealing with the frostbites and there was no guaranty of me losing any of my fingers because simply it is really cold, oh well it is the North Pole. Luckily the frostbites stabilized at some point and I got to kept all my fingers, and succeeded in my mission.

The most interesting thing about traveling to the North Pole is that you sleep in one place and wake up at another, and experiencing this is completely undefinable. However, the logic behind this is that we are in an ocean and we keep on drafting. The question remains each day which direction will we draft?? As our ultimate aim is to go North but unfortunately we did draft couple times South.

So, if adventure is your thing and you like to experience what the real feeling of achievement is, then you should definitely ski the last degree challenge at the North Pole. I bet you that it is going to be an eye-opener with a lot of exploration opportunities with mental and physical toughness challenges as well.