Climbing Kilimanjaro

Route To The Lemosho Route

If climbing a mountain is your passion, then you can’t deny the fact that Kilimanjaro has its significance – the highest mountain in Africa (5,895m) and the fourth highest mountain in the world.

It was the first time I climbed any mountain and that too without any healthy preparation. When other climbers knew how unprepared I was, they all told me the same thing (you will not make it).

This made me more determined and for 8 days I push myself to the limit especially when it came to altitude sickness this was the hardest thing to deal with fiscally and mentally, yet again nothing is impossible with determination and willingness.

If you have a passion for climbing up the mountain, then it is necessary to take proper measures as it is not easy to climb any mountain. Even a little mistake can cost you a lot.

Like all other expeditions, my experience of climbing Kilimanjaro has been truly incredible, and one that will always be remembered. Therefore, I urge all the travel enthusiasts to travel to Kilimanjaro and explore this historic mountain at least once in their lifetime.