It is in fact beautiful!

A series of long ancient fortifications and walls on the Northern side of China is known as the Great Wall. The fact that it was built over 500 years ago but remains the most attractive sightseeing in China is evidence of how beautiful the Great Wall is. People from all around the world visit China to witness the breath-taking and amazing views around this wall.

It was one of the places I wanted to visit and walk in the Great Wall of China. Trust me it was an amazing experience. The scenery around the wall was stunning. There was something quite wonderful about looking off into the distance in each way and seeing the Great Wall of China twisting its way over every mountain.

A spectacular journey I must say. So, if you are planning to visit China sooner or later, then you should definitely visit the Great Wall of China to capture the mesmeric beauty and do not use the chairlifts, instead use the stairways for ultimate experience.