You live once, so enjoy it.

Hello all, my name is Abdullah Alsaeed. After taking a quick tour of the website, you now have an idea about my love for exploration. And therefore, I can proudly say that I have recently completed the 30 unforgettable, adventurous, and amazing years of life. It happened so because I lived up to my dreams and have always been extremely passionate and willing to transform them into a reality.

Exploring the most ravishing and breathtaking places on earth has always been my passion, which is why I am considered as one of the fewest Saudis who reached to the 4th highest mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro, on Dec 2017. For an explorer whose goals are limitless, this achievement turned out as a real motivation and gave immense encouragement to be the first Saudi to ski across the North Pole and reach to the top of the world (90 Degree) on April 2018.

However, I didn’t stop there!

On June 2018, I climbed the Roof of Europe Mount Elbrus – adding another badge of achievement to my chest. And, I will keep on exploring more adventurous and mesmerizing places to portray an entirely different – well, I should say a more beautiful side of the world. After all, exploration is what keeps my soul alive!

Behind these expeditions, which is to inspire my son Abdulrahman who is two years old. With all of the beautiful experiences I am going through, I want to visualize a message to him that nothing is impossible in life with determination. If you work hard, you can achieve anything.