With goals as big as Earth itself, I stand proud of my achievements and it gives me immense pleasure and motivation to become the FIRST SAUDI to ski across the North Pole and reach to the TOP of THE WORLD (90 Degree North) on April 2018.

I am Abdullah Alsaeed (born 22 February 1988) a Saudi explorer, a person who seeks adventure and perhaps, more importantly, a nature lover. A man who is on a mission to explore every part of this world, because you only live once and I want to make it count. I want to leave my mark. I want to become an inspiration for future generations. I want to show the world that everything is possible if you have the will. Abdullah Alsaeed is just an ordinary man with extraordinary ambitions, which sets him apart.

Life is too short to keep it boring. This belief of mine made me an explorer, someone who loves doing new things, visiting new places, and meeting new people. But that’s not just it. I am Abdullah Alsaeed and I wish to explore every part of the world. Exploring new things is my passion and I am really proud to say that I live my passion. Till now, I have been to over 40 unforgettable countries, were each place taught me something valuable and become part of me. Yet each adventure made me realize how important it is to enjoy life to the fullest, because you only live once.

Earth is full of beautiful landscapes, breath-taking places, and stunning scenery. It has always been my passion to go on new adventures and it is who I am. Adventures define who I am as a person. I am a restless soul, someone who never stays in one place longer. I am proud to be one of the few Saudis to reach the 4th highest mountain of the world in December 2017 i.e. Mount Kilimanjaro.

After crossing off one place/adventure in my list, I don’t stop. I set my goals a bit higher and then start exploring again. On June 2018, after reaching the world top, I climbed all the way from the north side to the roof of Europe (Mount Elbrus), adding one more feather in my cap. Thumping my chest with pride, I embark on every adventure that excites me and scares others. I went into isolation for 48 hours in Amazon Rainforest, where my survival skills were put to test. This was a life changing adventure, as I got to learn how to survive in a jungle as big as Amazon.

Walking from Riyadh to Al-Majma’ah with a 30 KG backpack for 5 days; you can just imagine how I did it in a weather like Saudi Arabia. But unless you push yourself, there’s nothing you can achieve, can you? I have explored different terrains from mountains and valleys to desserts, you name it. And the journey continues. From urban wonders to beautiful natural landscapes and the life under the ocean, I have done a lot of things and still a lot has to be done. My end goal as an explorer is to show the people of this world the real beauty every region holds.

Besides my passion, what drives me, inspires me is my son Abdulrahman. I am documenting every journey I go on to for you guys and for my son. I want this website of mine to become a window from where people of the world can see and experience the adventures – even if they can’t visit those places. One thing that I learned in my journey so far no mountain is higher than your determination and no sea is deeper than your resolve. You can achieve everything you set your mind to and I am a living proof of that.