About Me I am Abdul Alsaeed

I can proudly say that I recorded the FIRST SAUDI to ski across the North Pole reaching 90 Degree North (Top of the World). It happened so because I live up to my dreams and had always been extremely passionate and willing to transform them into a reality.

Exploring the most ravishing and breathtaking places on earth has always been my passion. For an explorer whose goals are limitless, this achievement turn out as a real motivation.

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Traveling on Foot

Travelling is my passion and it soothes my mind and gives me the chance to know more about myself. This time, I have travelled on foot. Yes, a 200 km walk to Al-majma’ah. There were many places where I felt that I wouldn’t be able to reach the destination, but where there is a will, there is a way. This amazing experience provided me with a chance to meet a lot of incredibly nice and friendly people, and had a chance to give an inspirational speech for middle & high school kids.

Authentic Shaolin Monk Training in Shaolin Temple Yunnan, China

Living inside the Shaolin Temple and training Kung Fu for 7 Hours a day. In additional to the training also learned Chinese Culture, Medicine and Chinese Mandarin among others!

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